Rise Of The Electric Cars


What you’re looking at is the upcoming electric-powered Tesla Roadster (although you probably already knew that with all the media coverage it’s had). And in truth it deserves all the coverage and attention. The Roadster is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. This car makes Tesla’s own Model S and X look like golf buggies, especially in the performance department. As a comparison, the top of the range Model S does 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, which is already very quick. But the Roadster? 0-60mph takes just 1.9 seconds. To put it into perspective, this tiny Tesla can accelerate to 100mph faster than a 370Z gets to 60mph. Records are bound to be broken. However, I don’t want to solely focus on just the Roadster as I think it’s already been talked about enough. Let’s look at the bigger picture.

Electricity have been powering cars for some time now through batteries and hybrid systems. For the sake of our planet and fossil-fuel supplies growing thin, I think its safe to say that electric cars are here to stay. I wouldn’t go as far to say I love electric cars (this blog is called Petrolheads for a reason) but I also wouldn’t go as far to say I hate them. Electric power being the future of cars makes sense in many ways, except for some things you can’t quantify in numbers. In fossil-fuel powered performance cars, you get the almighty roar of the engine as you put your foot down. The noise brings a sense of drama with it you can’t get with an electric car. Going back to the Tesla, sure it will rip your face off when you prod the throttle, but there’s no sound, no roar, nothing. Furthermore, in an electric world you can say goodbye to gears, they’re gone too. Electric cars just don’t offer the amount of involvement you can get with a petrol or diesel car.

You see this is my point, the advantages of a dinosaur powered car can’t be seen in a graph or a chart, it goes deeper than that. In an ideal world these two ways of powering the automobile would co-exist. If it weren’t for pollution and all the fuel being used up, I bet we wouldn’t need to be discussing this and that would be a reality. It’s just a shame that’s not true. Whether petrol and diesel transportation are destined for the history books is a question for another day.

The future is electric, there’s no doubt about that. And if that means we get 0-60mph times of less than two seconds, well bring it on. It’ll be fun to be able to pretend your being shot out of a gun or going into hyperspace. Until you end up wrapped around a tree that is. All I hope for is that while 95% of the world is electric, at least 5% of petrol is left for us car enthusiasts to enjoy. Even if the government makes us pay double. Make that triple, it’s more likely triple.

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