2019 Shelby Mustang GT500, Is This It?

gt500-1-657x360Yes, I know I’ve been posting about Mustangs for three posts in a row now, what with the Mustang Bullitt being announced and the Shelby GT500  being teased. However, recently there have been many images of the GT500 going around on the internet and on social media, so I thought it would be necessary to at least mention them. Now, you must know these are not leaked images, but rather renderings. The one above I think will be closest to the real thing, and here’s why…

In the teaser video, Ford didn’t give us any real shots of the entire car, unless you count the one of the rear (yet even that was still a bit blurry). Instead, what we saw were different parts of the car. If you haven’t already seen my post on the initial teaser video, here are some of those parts.

(I apologise for the darkness in some of these pictures, but it was like that in the teaser video.)

A front splitter.
A hood vent with a stripe down the middle.


A headlight.

As you can probably see, a lot of these parts resembles that of the render. The same front splitter, the same headlights, and the same hood vents with the stripe. It is very similar and should be very close to the real thing.

One thing that has really been puzzling me though is the headlights, they look the same as the 2015 Mustangs and not the 2018 Mustangs. This is going off the official teaser trailer by the way.


(2018 = top-left, 2015 = top-right, 2019 GT500 = bottom right)

See what I’m saying? The Shelby’s headlights resemble that of 2015’s and not 2018, which is weird as seeing as the GT500 will be coming out after the 2018 Mustang. Why put an old headlight design on a new car? Maybe we’ll know more in the future, but for now it makes me wonder how much will the new GT500 resemble the 2018 model year Mustang.

Going back to te render, if you look at the headlights, they are also like the 2015 Mustang’s headlights, just like in the teaser. And if I had to guess, I would say that the render at the top of the page is based on the 2015 Mustang as well. If you look,you can see that the grille isn’t the same shape as the 2018’s. That is what makes me doubt the render is entirely correct, I’d expect more 2018 Mustang than 2015 Mustang.

In all spy shots of the car in its development, the GT500’s front was covered.

To conclude, I think due to all the parts of the GT500 (from the teaser) being put on the render, it will be the closest render to the final car. Even though the Shelby probably won’t look as much like the 2015 Mustang as the render suggests, this is still the best so far. And as for my opinion of the look, I like it. I’m not going to say ‘oh my gosh it’s beautiful’ just yet, though I do think it looks good. I’m going to wait until Ford release official photos of the car before I give my proper first thoughts.

Here’s the render again.







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