Fast & Furious – Where to go next?

fate-of-the-furious-header-840x420Recently with all the buzz around Fast & Furious Live, I’ve been thinking about the future of the franchise. Currently, we have 8 films, a theme park ride and a live show, just to name a few things the Fast franchise produces. The last movie broke records on release, making it clear that this is a franchise that doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. So what’s next for Dom and the crew?

I have one word for you: spinoffs. Already confirmed is one with Hobbs and Shaw at the forefront, probably expanding on the action parts of Fast & Furious instead of the cars and racing. If you think about it, there are tons of characters Universal could choose for a new film or even TV show. It would be a great opportunity to broaden out into new markets. Some sort of comedy starring Roman, maybe a 007 style film with Mr Nobody. I’m not saying I’d particularly want that, but it’s an idea.

Poor Mustang.

Looking back over the entire franchise, you can see how it’s evolved. We started with The Fast And The Furious, a movie focused on cars and street racing. Then with Tokyo Drift we saw a movie focused on drifting and Japanese car culture. And finally, there is now Fast 5,6,7, and 8, all international action heist films. My point being that, over time, Fast & Furious has undergone many changes to its structure and form. Who knows, they could take a u-turn back to cars and racing, or a completely new direction. However, seeing how the action-based films have made Universal billions of dollars, I think they may just stick to making cars defy the laws of physics. Oh, and The Rock pushing a moving torpedo while skating at 150mph on ice.


To be honest, all this speculation probably isn’t actually worth that much. With a franchise as big as Fast & Furious, Universal probably have the next 10 years planned out already. Despite that, it’s fun to imagine what might be put in the works in the future. Universal could find they want to try something new or go back to the franchise’s roots. Or they could just stick to the formula of cars, boom, cars, boom. There is one thing we can say for sure though, and that’s that we should be getting Fast films for as long as the runway at the end of number 6.


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