Top 3 Car Films

Baby driver subaru
The opening to Baby Driver – my personal favourite opening to a film in cinema history.

1. Baby Driver.

Just before I get into this list I want to specify there is no order. All three films choices are based on my own opinion and let me tell you it was hard enough to narrow it down to just three. Anyway, onto my first film, Baby Driver. Probably the most stylish out of all the movies on this list, Baby Driver combines slick driving and action with one of the best soundtracks in cinema history.

It’s an instant classic. Despite a premise that sounds at first cliché – a film about a wheelman in debt to a mob boss – when you watch it you’ll see it’s most certainly not. You see, what director Edgar Wright has created here is something very unique and special. What you have is great characters, great storytelling, and great action scenes that will put you at the edge of your seat. And to top that, a soundtrack of carefully selected songs that fit perfectly with what’s going on onscreen. It’s almost like your watching a musical on steroids, it’s amazing!


As said in Need For Speed, “900 horsepower baby”.

2. Need For Speed

I love this film. Need For Speed is my favourite movie of all time and for one reason alone, car chases. This film has hands down the best car chase sequences ever. In Need For Speed, all the stunts are done properly, which means no CGI whatsoever. This makes for a film that puts you in the driver’s seat of the most powerful cars going 100mph while sideways. And as it was all filmed for real, it all feels real. This is a must see for any car enthusiast who wants a raw experience that brings you back down to earth from all the madness that Fast and Furious brings.

It’s this very film that inspired my dream of travelling from one side of America to the other in Mustang, just like Tobey (the main character) did in the film. I could go on for hours upon hours, explaining why I love this film. I will probably write a post just about this film alone in the future. In short, Need For Speed is like nothing else. It gives me a feeling of adrenaline and excitement that I only get when watching it. In my eyes, Need For Speed is a masterpiece.


Dom’s latest Dodge Charger in the billion dollar Fast and Furious franchise

3. Fast and Furious 8

I could have picked any of the Furious films to put in this spot but I decided on number 8 for a reason. I was very fortunate enough to see this film at Universal in Florida just as it was released while on holiday last year. That means Fast and Furious 8 was a very special experience and one that I will remember forever. I even got to stand next to the car in the picture above. That’s part of why I hold Fast and Furious 8 extremely highly. However, that’s not the entire reason.

Fast and Furious 8 is just a really fun movie. The best way to watch it is to simply turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. If I had to describe it using one word it would be entertaining, especially for car people. Want to see a race with a car on fire? You can in this film! Maybe hundreds of cars falling out of a multi-story car park? There’s that too! Even though I said before that the Fast and Furious franchise is madness, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax and watch a Dodge Charger fly through the air and near miss a submarine travelling through a frozen lake. Just admit it.




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