The Legend Of Driver: San Francisco

April 23rd, 2011 @ 00:39:48Driver: San Francisco is one of the all-time great video games of the 21st century. Recently I was reminded of that when I was flicking through my subscriptions on YouTube, and found a video of someone playing it for the first time (I’ll put a link at the bottom of this post to the video that creator ‘Bourne’ has made, just if anyone wants to watch it). On viewing said video, I was reminded of how great this game was. I almost forgot about how many cool cars are in this game, or how much I loved the over-the-top fun driving physics, and so on. Not to mentioned the shift mechanic that allows for some good old-fashioned carnage. Trust me when I say Driver is one of a kind.

Released in 2011 by Ubisoft, Driver: San Francisco is a game set in modern-day (you guessed it) San Francisco. You play detective John Tanner on his quest to arrest notorious criminal king-pin and prison escapee, Charles Jericho. It’s definately one of the best, if not the best plot we’ve gotten in a driving game ever. It has a perfect balance of story and gameplay so you never get bored or annoyed with it. Also, for a game that’s over five years old now, it has pretty good characters that look and sound realistic, even if you were to compare with some newer games (I’m looking at you Mass Effect Andromeda).

Cars feel nice and arcade-like, lots of drifts are to be expected. They all feel slightly different as well. If you were going around a corner in a Lamborghini, it grips a lot more than something like a Dodge Challenger, just as it should. At very much the heart of this game are the cars, which thanks to the shift mechanic allows you to float above the city and pick any car to control. I won’t spoil how the plot explains how you do this, but luckily you’ll find the answer isn’t too far-fetched. In my opinion, shifting is an excellent solution to allowing you to control different cars from the push of a button, without making the game too much like Grand Theft Auto where you have to wrestle an old lady to get a car.

The shift mechanic in action.
Driver SF also includes a split-screen multiplayer.
The hero and villain cars of the game.

As a side note, just to let you know, even though this is a car blog I will be sometimes writing about car-related video games such as this one. I am a fan of various video games but will most likely keep any posts on games about driving games. This is one of my favourites that I got given as a Christmas present a few years ago. I have completed the campaign several times since. It’s a shame Ubisoft haven’t made another Driver title in a while because I don’t think Ubisoft’s newer racer, The Crew, can really live up to it. However, maybe it’s better to leave the Driver series alone as the sole gem that it is. We wouldn’t want a new game in a series to be ruined by something like micro transactions. Wouldn’t we Need For Speed Payback? I’m just kidding, I love NFS Payback despite the money hungry loot system of that game.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Driver: San Francisco. If you would like to find out more about the game, I recommend watching the video below.

Video link:





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