Cars We Miss Out On In The UK

Unfortunately, in the UK we miss out on some cars that some other countries (like the US of A) get. It’s a real shame when you hear that a new car is being released, but then you find out that the only way of acquiring one is to either import it or move abroad. With that slightly depressing thought in mind, we are now going to look at all the cars you can’t get if you live in England. Enjoy…

2018-camaro-design-08What you’re looking at is the newest Camaro in Chevrolet’s line-up (all of which are unavailable in the UK). The sad thing is that the company was in the UK delivering right hand drive cars fairly recently, however, not any more. And to make matters worse we have never had a proper right hand drive UK Camaro in history, which is such a shame. You know, one of the reasons I believe that taking the Ford Mustang global was a success was the fact that it had no direct competition. All us brits can compare the Mustang to are german sports cars: we get pretty much zero american muscle over here. I really wish GM gave us a Camaro of our own, just like Ford gave us a Mustang of our own. Plus, I think the Chevy could give the Mustang a good-old run for its money.

43660176338833cfedcf79a1b221a565I really don’t understand why we never got the E63 Wagon 4Matic in the UK. It’s an AMG estate with four-wheel drive and lots of horsepower. Maybe the germans thought it would be too much for us. Although, in my opinion, the E63 sounds like a tamer beast with four-wheel drive so why we didn’t get this car still baffles me.

2017-dodge-charger-sxt-awd-front-three-quarterIn an ideal world, I’d like Dodge to go back to selling cars in the UK. I truly believe that if they targetted the right people, they would sell a lot of cars over this side of the pond. In particular, the Charger. These days we are bombarded with german saloons, which are frankly quite same-old and boring. The Charger is big, brash, and most importantly, different. Please, bring it to England now.

2018-lincoln-navigator-extended-length-front-three-quarter-01-e1504044623649Lincoln is an interesting brand. Just look at the interiors and features of one of their new cars and you’ll see that they do luxury like no other car company. I say this because in your usual day-to-day german luxury cars everything’s a bit safe, nothing really to catch the eye. Sure, it’s all beautiful but where’s the fun in that? The new Lincolns have many little touches to them that make them that bit more desirable and interesting. For example, on the new Navigator the lights flow on as you approach the vehicle. Now that’s cool! Look it up on YouTube to see what I’m talking about, because you won’t be able to see one let alone get one in the UK.

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