My Driving Experiences In Pictures


So far in my life I have been lucky enough to take part in some great driving experiences. Today I thought I’d share pictures of my favourites in preparation for another one I have planned for March. I had so much fun on all of these driving experiences and I would highly recommend it.

Disclaimer – not all the pictures are of me doing the experience although I have done them all.

Porsche Cayman experience at Thruxton.
I found the Cayman to be lightweight and agile meaning it took corners with ease.
I apologize for the blurriness of this image. This is me driving a 600 horsepower Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.
As you might be able to see, the Camaro I drove was made to look like Bumblebee from the Transformers films.
Not the most exciting car in the world, but I did have fun taking this B-Class around the circuit at Mercedes-Benz World.
The little B-Class had a lot more grip than I imagined.
My favourite driving experience so far has to be the Ford Mustang one I did last year on an airfield.
I even got it to go sideways (unintentionally).
6 laps later and I got out with a giant smile on my face.

As I mentioned at the beginning, in March I have another driving experienced lined up. It’s my biggest one yet because this time, instead of driving one car, I’ll be driving three very cool cars. I don’t want to give away too much right now, however, here’s a sneak peek at the three.

See if you can guess the cars from the lights-




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