London Motor Show 2018

IMG_0312 (1).JPG

On Saturday 19th May, I went to the 2018 London Motor Show which took place in, you guessed it, London. The event showcased some amazing cars for people to look at while wishing they had bigger bank accounts. Though joking aside, I really enjoyed it, even though it wasn’t exactly what I expected. I’ll explain.

After a lengthy drive and a pit stop for a Costa, I arrived with my family at the Excel (not the Microsoft application) Centre in London where the Motor Show was taking place. We parked the car and went into the show.

Now in my head I imagined the London Motor Show to look something like the ones in the US or Geneva, where loads of car manufacturers show off their latest cars and concepts: just because those are really the only Motor Shows I had ever seen news about on the internet. But it was a bit different from what I had in mind. I’d never been to the London Motor Show before, so you can imagine that I wasn’t really expecting it to be full of car-related companies (and a couple of manufacturer showrooms) instead of the actual car companies themselves. No concept cars, nothing we haven’t seen before – there were a few exceptions as you’ll see later however. Though I can’t say I was disappointed, I still enjoyed what I saw even though, as I said at the beginning, it wasn’t exactly what I expected.

At first, as I tried to get some pictures of some cars, it was busy. So busy in fact that these photos below were the best I could get.

IMG_0234 (1)
The Dub Customs stand… well half of it.
The wheel of a widebody Liberty Walk Mustang. Couldn’t get the whole thing in shot without bashing into someone.

Though, after a while, it did quieten down a little. Just enough for me to get some pictures of some pretty amazing cars, as you’ll see.

Paul Wallace’s beast of a Merc – the C63 AMG.
A very orange Mclaren 720S.
If the F-Type wasn’t angry enough, this Lister one is even angrier.

Yes, so it wasn’t so bad that there was no concepts or fancy new cars being revealed at the show, because there were still a lot of very cool cars, which is all that really matters to me. And hey, there was one new car that I hadn’t seen before in any shape or form.

IMG_0264 (1)
The TVR Griffith, the one to watch if you ask me.

I even got a picture with Tiff Needell, rally driver Catie Munnings, and Oliver (Richard Hammond’s old Opel). Please excuse my awkward smile.



Then to top it all off, there was a stunt show by Paul Swift; who is, you guessed it, a stunt driver. It all included a lot of hand brake turns, J-turns, and driving on two wheels.

Impressive to say the least.

Hopefully, if you didn’t already, you now understand why I wasn’t disappointed. I had a great time. So much so that I even went back in after the stunt show just to snap a few more pics and look at a few more cars.

The beautiful Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio.
You Americans get all the good police cars.
New meets old in this pricey but sleek Speedback.

Before I end this I just want to say a quick thank you to the people who put on the London Motor Show because I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I know it took me a long time to write this post as the show took place a month ago, but I’ve been very busy recently and haven’t found the time until now. Thanks again and I hope to be back at the show next year!





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