Back At Beaulieu


Last weekend I was back at Beaulieu for Simply Ford. This is the second event I’ve been to at the National Motor Museum (in Beaulieu) that was brand specific. Simply Ford is, as the name implies, a gathering of cars that bear the Ford badge. Everything from Escorts to Mustangs turned up to be displayed in the grounds of the museum. It was another great day out.

On the Sunday the event was on, the weather was perfect (for once in the UK). Not too hot and not too cold. Great weather for looking around at some cars made by, in my opinion, the greatest manufacturer of all time. I’ll get into why I think that a little later. For now, here are some pictures of my favourite cars out of the 1,787 Fords that were on display.

There were a lot of these at the event. Too many Focus RSs to count.
A classic beauty.
A modern beauty.
If this Raptor doesn’t scream America I don’t know what does.
50 years of the Escort.

So, as you can see, there were some very cool cars at the event. However, the trade off with allowing every car that’s a Ford into your event is that you do get some… how do I put it? Less interesting cars too.

Here we have the rare and desirable ‘Bracknell Forest Council’ van in all it’s glory.


And here we have the truly amazing Ford… um… sorry, it’s just a Kuga.

But really, even though I wasn’t that interested in seeing the van and the Kuga, it does help demonstrate why I think Ford is the best car manufacturer that has ever existed. Ford have always made cars for, well everyone. For the family, you can have a Kuga, Focus or Mondeo. Maybe you want something sporty, you can have a Fiesta ST, Focus RS or Mustang. There is such a wide range of cars available for what I believe are reasonable prices. And they’ve been doing this for ages. I went to Simply Ford with my Dad, who constantly went around saying to me ‘I’ve had one of those,’ or ‘your Uncle/Grandad/Mum (you name it) had one of those.’ Fun fact, I was driven home from the hospital when I was born in a blue Mk1 Mondeo. Ford, at some point or another, has been a part of our lives; everyone’s lives. Everyone has at least one memory involving a Ford.

I could go on for hours about why Ford is the best manufacturer in the world, but I’ve got to end this post somewhere. So I’ll leave you with a couple more pictures from the event. Thank you again Beaulieu Motor museum for another amazing day out.

I have one word to describe these cars – iconic.
This is probably less than a quarter of the cars. Many, many, many Fords were on display.



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